Lawn Treatments

Lawn Treatment Services in Amarillo, TX

Lawn Treatments


The Other Side Lawns offers Lawn Fertilization Service in Amarillo and Canyon

We understand the challenges of the weather conditions in the West Texas Panhandle. Our process is designed to to prepare your lawn for each season and maintain your healthy vibrant grass.


Mulching is beneficial to gardens and yards. It inhibits the growth of weeds, retains water, provides nourishment for plants, and helps flower beds stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. A landscape design that includes mulch creates a polished, structured look compared to a garden with bare dirt showing.

Insect Control

Don’t let insects infest your yard! Grubs, beetles, webworms, and other pests can potentially destroy your entire lawn. If these bugs have moved in, we’ll send them packing with our professional insect removal techniques.

Weed Control

Weeds steal water and important nutrients from your grass. Invasive weeds can overtake your entire yard. Our professional team is experienced in eliminating weeds so your grass and plants can thrive.

Organic Lawn Programs

Organic lawn services provide a holistic and natural approach to lawn care. The Other Side Lawn Care and Landscape can create compost piles, encourage beneficial insects, install landscape designs that include native plants, and other methods to naturally encourage a beautiful, organic yard for your home or business.


A freshly mowed yard is the first step in getting a manicured look and keeping grass healthy. Our professional team will do your mowing so you don’t have to spend time on yard work. Schedule regular mowing service for your home or business to maintain a consistently mowed yard.

Gypsum Treatment

West Texas is known for its beautiful clay. However, clay is not the best soil for hosting a thriving garden or a lush, green lawn. Our gypsum treatment softens the soil by breaking down the clay and creating a nourishing foundation to grow grass and plants.


In order for your lawn to reach its full potential, aeration is essential. Regardless of how much time and attention you give your yard, aeration is the foundation to its beautiful and health. Request a free estimate from The Other Side Lawn Care and Landscape to provide this vital service.

Healthy Lawn Fertilizer Service

If you want lush, green grass all season long, The Other Side Lawn Care and Landscape has the perfect formula. We follow a lawn fertilization process that will make your yard the envy of the neighborhood. Call us at 806.206.6121 or request a free quote today.

The Benefits of Fertilizer

Lawn fertilizer reduces weed growth, decreases pests, and strengthens the grass’s root system. It can transform a yellowed, sparse plot into a vibrant, verdant lawn. As nature’s superfood, fertilizer also provides already healthy yards with the nourishment to continue flourishing.

However, fertilizer must be used correctly. Just like taking too many vitamins can be toxic, over-fertilizing a lawn can damage the grass and pollute the environment.

Our Process

The professional landscaping team at the Other Side Lawn Care and Landscape know exactly when and how to fertilize a lawn properly. We follow a successful six-application fertilization process that helps grass flourish year-round. As the seasons change, grass face different challenges such as drought, extreme temperatures, and weeds. Each of our applications equips the grass to overcome those obstacles while also providing nourishment.

Our Signature Application Method

Application 1 (February 15 – April 1)
Quick-release granular fertilizer and crabgrass control

Application 2 (April 1 – May 31)
Slow-release granular organic-blended fertilizer and blanket weed control

Application 3 (June 1 – July 1)
Slow-release granular organic-blended fertilizer and blanket weed control

Application 4 (October 15 – November 30)
Late-fall fertilizer winterization for the lawn
Spot weed treatment (All Season)

We love our yard and how it looks! Jeremy is the best!! He thinks about his customers too... I deleted his invoices and he didn't complain! Great family!

- Sue Sanborn

Very professional. Very courteous. My yard never looked better! 5 stars!

- Jared Sherman

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